Policies & Procedures

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: 

                                 music and cats.
                                                                                             Albert Schweitzer   

Tuition  is to be paid for the month in advance. You will receive monthly  billing statements which I will mail to you the last week of the month.  Any expenses for music or recital fees will be included on your monthly  statement. I request that your payment be returned to me the following  week.

You will be billed a standard monthly tuition fee during  the nine months of the school year, September through May. The monthly  tuition rate is $100 for 30-minute lessons and $200 for hour lessons.  You will receive a calendar listing my teaching days for the entire  year.

Missed lessons will be made up at the  teacher’s discretion depending on the time available. Refunds for  absences will not be given for any reason. I will teach on snow days. It  is your choice whether to bring your children to lessons on those days.  I include one allowable sick day per student per school year in case of  my illness. Any other lessons missed by the teacher will be made up or  refunded.

During the school year I will provide  a copy of my teaching schedule along with phone numbers of students. If  a time change is needed for a certain week, I ask that you call me or  another student to arrange to trade times.

I  require that a minimum of four hours of lessons be taken or paid for  during the summer. For students taking hour lessons the minimum is six  hours of lessons. Lessons may be half hour, hour, or combinations of  both. Students who do not take or pay for summer lessons will be  replaced. Summer lessons will all be scheduled at the beginning of  summer and billed for the entire summer in advance. The tuition rate for  the entire summer is $200 for half hour students and lessons for hour  students will be pro-rated according the number of lessons scheduled.

Encourage  your child to use his/her practice time effectively. Read the  assignment book, and be sure students bring all necessary books to the  lesson. Please call me with any questions or write notes to me in the  assignment book.

An annually tuned piano in  good repair will help your child tremendously with lessons. I recommend  this reputable piano technician:   Grant Wachter / 261-7922.

A commitment for the entire school year is expected. If lessons are to be terminated, I require 30 days’ notice.